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My name is dana sandu.


I'm a student of smell focused on olfactive anthropology, and I serve the perfumery arts through documentary work, market & category creation, research, advocacy, and creative writing.


Some wins so far: 

  • large body of educational content (reach: 2.5M+) used as a main reference by industry leads, the public, and multiple national and international media (Departures, Elle Magazine, et alii) 

  • public speaker and market consultant at Esxence (2020 & 2022, 2023), Google Leadership Conference, ScentXplore, et alii; lead and moderator for over 30 perfumery panels, lectures, and hosted content sessions (such as this one

  • ​new-category opener and 4 times Finalist in the The Perfumed Plume Awards (​as ​Cafleurebon Editor,​ with materials such as thisthis, and this)​

  • creator of the first pilot curriculum for introducing smell to school children (in development)

  • founder of, the largest database of fragrance-related vendors and destinations in the world (in development)

  • GTM consultant

  • the only non-sponsored creative writer applying data collection and Big Data expertise to perfumery research, in order to:

       a) document the social function of smell in-person vs. online, 
       b) support the advancement of perfumery-as-art in an everchanging global market, and 
       c) spearhead efforts to democratize smell through consumer education and industry betterment.


In my this here life I study smell; in my professional life I'm a hi-tech consultant with preMed credentials and a very strong connection to the San Francisco indie theater scene. 



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