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UX and social behaviors in Covid era 

What are the effects of Covid on fragrance customer behaviors online? 

If you're a social admin with forum or facebook group experience navigating fragrance addicionados throught the no-contact, virtual testing years of Covid, please consider sharing some thoughts here. 

Perfumer's Proustian

Who's your brand

Perfumers and makers trying to introduce a new brand oftentimes find it hard to describe past the now-expected luxury baseline. If you're a new brand, consider this NOSEy questionnaire for a speedy intro. 

Best materials by geography

What should a visitor look for when they're traveling to your region? 

Perfumers and makers are located all over the world, yet there is very little centralized information on what every region has to offer if consumers (or researchers, or fellow perfumers) ever get there.

Let's build a library of ideas for smelly things, services, or products to seek when we're traveling.

(Any info on local names, varieties, pricing, cautions, how to recognize good from bad, etc. are much appreciated.)

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