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Social responsibility 



Protecting human rights in every way—and in all their forms—is core to the way I live and operate all aspects of my personal and professional life.  

Women matters, access to education, and fighting racial hate are of utmost importance to me, and I'll continue to use my olfaction platform to support equity work through amplifying minority voices,  fundraising, and awareness campaigns like the ones I did  here, here, and here



I actively participate in industry sanitization through:

- whistleblowing (like the case I speak of here),

- corrections, and

- by supporting industry code of ethics ideation and updates (such as the grassroots initiative The Perfumery Code of Ethics, to which I am a contributor). 



All gifts, kits, and testing materials are redirected and sent back into the community through re-gifting, sweepstakes, guided testing sessions, and traveling test boxes assembled and managed as they get shipped, repeatedly, to remote areas. 


Twice a year, I hold charity auctions with donated fragrant items (perfume, cologne, candles, oils, kits, etc.), with proceeds then funding practical projects that support access to education in Eastern Europe. So far, we've:

- equipped and insured access to schooling for 8 minority kids in an underserved community outside Bucharest; 

- updated and refilled textbook and library stock for 3 schools in the Rep. of Moldova (see here and here); 

- provided supplies and transportation services for 7 highschoolers in need for the 2019-2020 school year; 

- sponsored the opening costs for the communal afterschool/therapy space in a #CasaBuna project, currently housing Ukrainian refugees in Chisinau, Rep. Moldova. 

If you ever want to contribute, just get in touch

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